English Courses and Classes

1 to 1 or Small Group Classes

Many of our students say that this is the fastest they have ever learned. We believe this is down to our excellent native English teachers and our small class sizes that allow the teachers to tailor the courses to the individuals needs.

  • We offer 1 to 1 English classes that are shaped around your needs. These classes range from absolute beginner to intermediate or advanced and are arranged at a time to suit you. You can study anything from 1 to 15 hours per week. These classes cost £25 per hour in the day and £30 per hour in the evening.
  • We also offer Group Classes. These range from 15 to 40 hours over 10 weeks. These groups meet once or twice a week and are generally available for students at intermediate or advanced level. They cover the 30 most common conversation topics for English people which help students to become talk fluently about topics that normal English people talk about. These course range from £10 to £12.50 per hour.

If you are looking to generally improve your English, these classes are perfect for you. We cover a broad range of interesting topics so that you can improve your vocabulary and fluency when talking about different everyday topics. Because the classes are small, you will find that the teacher has plenty of time to spend with each student to help with different issues as they come up. We find that grammar can be much more easily explained in small groups or 1 to 1 settings as the teacher can discuss it with each student and is free to answer questions as they come up.

This is what students have said about our English classes:

‘I have improved a lot in a short time. The classes are funny and interesting. During the classes we discuss different topics topics in order to improve our vocabulary and we get excellent individual feedback from each class.’

‘Derby Language School was my best places I have studied in derby! I also went to other places but nothing as good as there!!’

‘I learned very fast and I’m so grateful!’

‘I totally recommend this academy because like I said you can learn very fast but also you can choose a lot of time for your classes, it’s flexible!!!’

‘A private lesson based on individual preference and what you want to learn. Fun group lessons with lovely classmates from different countries.My English was rapidly improved here and got used to talk with natives.’

IELTS and Cambridge (First, CAE and Proficiency)

We have years of experience in helping students to succeed in exams. Our teachers are great at helping people prepare for both the IELTS and the Cambridge exam.

With a mixture of 1 to 1 classes and small group classes our teachers are able to support you in your preparation. We help students with all areas of exam preparation. We find that 1 to 1 private classes and occasionally small group classes really help students in the exam preparation as the teachers are able to identify exactly where the students are struggling and invest the necessary time to work on those areas.

The 1 to 1 classes are a really great opportunity for students to focus on the main areas they are finding difficult and also a good chance for the teacher to find where the student is going wrong through mock exams and practice papers. These classes cost £25 per hour in the day and £30 per hour in the evening.

The group classes are great for practicing speaking and listening skills and covering key grammar and exam tips. They also really help students to share tips with each other and feel like they are working alongside others. These classes cost £10 to £12.50 per hour.

‘Professional and friendly teachers. Perfect language school to prepare for the IELTS exam.’

‘I’m from Italy and I’m doing one year abroad here in England. I started at the Derby Language School a course of English to achieve IELTS. I really enjoy going to my lessons because the teachers are very competent and provide really helpful material. I’ve improved very quickly and I would recommend absolutely this school to everyone!’