IELTS Support

Do you need Band 7 or over in IELTS for your chosen career?
Have you taken IELTS and didn’t get your required band score and want to know why?
Maybe you just want to know your current level and how long it will take you to achieve your required score!

At Derby Language School, our extensive knowledge of IELTS has given us the insight needed to fine-tune your skills, and our tried and tested methods have been designed to pinpoint exactly where the ‘point scoring’ areas in the IELTS tasks are and how to achieve them. We can identify your weaknesses and eliminate them while improving your strengths.

If you are looking to take IELTS for the first time or looking to improve on your current band score, Derby Language School can help you achieve your goal. We can provide one-to-one or small group classes to suit your needs. If you are weak in a particular skill, we can quickly asses this and tailor a program to address this problem.

Like all of our classes, we are available during regular working hours or in the evenings, so the classes can fit around your daily work schedule.

1 to 1 IELTS Tuition

We offer 1 to 1 IELTS tuition for students who are looking to meet with our IELTS expert by themselves. This is really helpful for students to work on their specific weaknesses. The tutor will tailor the course around your needs so that you can improve as quickly as possible. These classes cost £25 per hour in the day and £30 per hour in the evening.

Small Group Classes
When two or three students have the same challenges with IELTS we offer small group classes. These classes are focused on the particular challenges that the students face and may last from 1 to 5 weeks. These classes cost £12.50 hour.

‘Professional and friendly teachers. Perfect language school to prepare for the IELTS exam.’

‘I’m from Italy and I’m doing one year abroad here in England. I started at the Derby Language School a course of English to achieve IELTS. I really enjoy going to my lessons because the teachers are very competent and provide really helpful material. I’ve improved very quickly and I would recommend absolutely this school to everyone!’